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Project Leaders
HAWQS: Hydrologic and Water Quality System
HAWQS Global: A Global Watershed and Water Quality Assessment Tool
SELECT: Spatially Explicit Load Enrichment Calculation Tool
Livestock Related Activities in East Africa
Jay Angerer
Examination of Near Real-time Rainfall Products and Satellite Greenness Indices for Estimating Patch and Landscape Forage Production
Jay Angerer
Managing Livestock Nutrition Under Variable Stress Environments – Conservation Stewardship Program
Jay Angerer
Predicting Wildfire Behavior: Burning Risk Advisory Support System
Jay Angerer
CEAP-HUMUS framework and Geodatabases Development for the CEAP National Assessment
Mauro DiLuzio
The Distributed Model Intercomparison Project: Phase 2
Mauro DiLuzio
Development of Seamless & Temporally Corrected Daily Precipitation & Temperatures GIS Data Sets for the Nation
Mauro DiLuzio
Satellite Remote Sensing Data for the Assessment of Surface Characteristics and Modeling Application in Cropland Watersheds
Mauro DiLuzio
Technical Assistance on the Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
Thomas J. Gerik
Controlling Non-Point Source Pollution in South Korea
Modeling of Urban Watersheds and Stormwater Best Management Practices
ILSSI: Innovation Lab for Small-Scale Irrigation
Sustainable & Integrated Water Infrastructure (SIWI)
BioFuel Feedstocks: Sustainable Production Strategies for Dependable Feedstock Supply
Jim Kiniry, USDA ARS
Lampasas River Watershed Assessment & Protection Project, Lampasas River On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Inventory Project
Fort Hood Stormwater Monitoring
Water Science Laboratory
LIQUID PREP : A Decision Support Tool for Irrigation Management
Assessment of Soil & Water Quality Impacts of Manure Application Practices - Efficacy of Management Practices in Various Soils/Crops/Climate Regimes