Decision Aids

LEWS – Livestock Early Warning System

LEWS is an early warning system for monitoring nutrition and livestock health for food security of humans in East Africa and in Mongolia.  Prior to theses projects, pastoral communities relied on traditional knowledge or scouts to locate forage and water sources.  With increased collaboration, LEWS has been enhanced to NASA LEWS DDS, NASA Livestock Early Warning System Decision Support System, which has combined NASA technologies and hydrologic modeling techniques to monitor small surface waterholes and forage availability in East Africa and eventually in Mongolia.  The goal is to disseminate information via the web.

Tex*A*Syst – Ground Water Protection Program

TEX*A*Syst is a valuable tool for rural residents who rely on ground water to supply their water requirements.  This program provides rural residents the means to assess how their home site activities are affecting their environmental risks. More importantly, TEX*A*Syst helps rural residents take decisive actions to preserve the quality of their drinking water, prevent water pollution, and protect health.