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CEAP – Cropland: Model Simulation of Soil Loss, Nutrient Loss and Soil Organic Carbon Associated with Crop Production Official Report

National Nutrient Loss and Soil Carbon Database (NNLSC)
This database is no longer supported, Please see the CEAP: Cropland Official Report for updates

The NNLSC was a catalog of databases and tools developed to aid our understanding of physical processes occurring on U.S cropland. It contained land use and management patterns, site characteristics, and estimates of water and nutrient cycling, soil loss, nutrient loss, and the change in soil organic carbon over time for hundreds of thousands of cropland situations. Because it combines the diversity of the natural resources employed in agriculture with the variety of management practices in use, the nutrient loss database is a powerful aid in evaluating the relationships between agricultural practices and the resulting impacts upon carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus fluxes. This data is now considered outdated and updated data in relation to National Nutrient, Soil, and Carbon losses can be found in the CEAP: Cropland official report.

DATA – National Resource Inventory Microsimulation Model Results
97 Baseline Cropland Results Dataset (97bcr)
97 No Conservation Practice Alternative Dataset (97NoCP)
Attribute, characterization, and definition data which describe the environmental and management conditions represented in the datasets.
Probability weights for estimating the occurrence frequency of management practices (tillage, chemical fertilizer application, and manure application) represented in the data.
STAT – the Status Trends Analysis Tool
Analytical methods and examples for viewing, querying, processing, and manipulating the data.