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Dr. Meki Named 2014 AJ Outstanding Associate Editor

November 2014

Dr. Norman Meki has been announced as the 2014 Agronomy Journal (AJ) Outstanding Associate Editor

“The quality of a journal’s published articles is largely a consequence of a supportive and knowledgeable Editorial Board, willing to uphold the AJ standards. On behalf of the rest of the AJ Editorial Board and all the staff at ASA Headquarters working on the journal, I thank you for your hard work, diligence, and conscientiousness. Congratulations!

  • Susan Ernst, ASA Managing Editor

Dr. Meki applied and was accepted to join the Agronomy Journal Editorial Board in 2008, initially serving as a reviewer of articles that are submitted to the journal. As a reviewer his job was to provide appropriate, professional, and helpful comments to the author(s), and provide recommendations to the Senior Associate Editor on whether the article should be accepted or rejected for publication in the journal. A reviewer normally handles between 10-12 articles a year. In summary, the reviewing process involves making decisions on whether the submitted article reports a worthwhile contribution to science, sound methodology was used and is explained with sufficient detail so that other capable scientists could repeat the experiments, and that the conclusions are supported by the presented data.

In 2011 after serving his first term, Dr. Meki was nominated as one of the Outstanding Associate Editors for 2011, after which he was requested to serve as Senior Associate Editor. His responsibilities still involved reviewing articles, but with the added responsibilities of appointing other reviewers and making the final decisions on whether an article was accepted or rejected for publication.  For his service, Dr. Meki has again been recognized and rewarded as one of the Outstanding Senior Associate Editors for 2014.  This year is Dr. Meki’s 6th and final year, after serving for two terms as a member of the Agronomy Journal Editorial Board, a service he thoroughly enjoyed and feels he learned a lot from..

An article will also appear in CSA News acknowledging Dr. Meki as a 2014 AJ Outstanding Associate Editor. Link to article to be posted…