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Impacts of Vegetation Cover on Blackland Prairie Runoff and Infiltration

March 2013

A research associate of Blacklnad Research &Extension Center was featured in an episode of “Out on the Land” (viewed on RFD.TV) with Dr. Larry Butler, former Texas State Conservationist with NRCS.  In this episode Dr. Butler visits with Mr. Gary Price.  Blackland Research & Extension Center scientists and USDA-NRCS (United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service) Grazingland Conservation Initiative personnel have partnered with Mr. Gary Price, owner of the 77 Ranch in Blooming Grove, TX, to understand the impacts of vegetation community on water quantity in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas.  Initial efforts are looking at the impacts of different landscapes on runoff and infiltration.  The monitoring stations capture rainfall events on the site and measure the quantity of water that runs off the site.  With this information, the parties can see how much water is generated from each vegetation community.  Interest lies in the impacts of vegetation and conservation as they influence the hydrology in the region.  The program is 27 minutes long, but the discussions on the research occurs around minute 19.