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Special Issue SWAT: A Review of Advances in Ecohydrological Modelling with SWAT

October 2008

By Valentina Krysanova & Jeffrey G. Arnold – Published October, 2008

This Special Issue on Advances in Ecohydrological Modelling with SWAT results from the Model Developers Workshop held in Potsdam, Germany in October 2006. The Workshop was organized following three international SWAT conferences (in Giessen, Germany in 2001, in Bari, Italy in 2003 and in Zürich, Switzerland in 2005), and brought together people involved in the SWAT model development. The Workshop aimed to: (a) summarize the state-of-the-art of model development for the following: landscape processes, channel processes, plant growth, nutrients, carbon, bacteria, and the model interface tools; (b) determine the directions for further model development; (c) coordinate further model development steps and decide on how to test model alterations; and (d) conduct a version control training seminar to improve communication and collaboration. The newest SWAT model developments and outlines further research needs are presented herein.

Hydrological Sciences Journal

Journal des sciences hydrologiques

Volume 53, number 5, October 2008

Special issue : Advances in Ecohydrological Modelling with SWAT


Valentina Krysanova & Jeffrey G. Arnold

Advances in ecohydrological modelling with SWAT—a review (Full Text), 939-947

Scientific papers

J. R. Williams, J. G. Arnold, J. R. Kiniry, P. W. Gassman & C. H. Green

History of model development at Temple, Texas, 948-960

Etienne Lévesque, François Anctil, Ann Van Griensven & Nicolas Beauchamp

Evaluation of SWAT model’s streamflow simulation for two small watersheds under snowmelt and rainfall, 961-976

Rokhsare Rostamian, Aazam Jaleh, Majid Afyuni, Seyed Farhad Mousavi, Manouchehr Heidarpour, Ahmad Jalalian & Karim C. Abbaspour

Application of a SWAT model for estimating runoff and sediment in two mountainous watersheds in central Iran, 977-988

Britta Schmalz, Filipa Tavares & Nicola Fohrer

Modelling hydrological processes in mesoscale lowland river basins with SWAT—capabilities and challenges, 989-1000

Fred F. Hattermann, Valentina Krysanova & Cornelia Hesse

Modelling wetland processes in regional applications, 1001-1012

P. M. Allen , J. G. Arnold & W. Skipwith

Prediction of channel degradation rates in urbanizing watersheds, 1013-1029

J. R. Kiniry, J. D. MacDonald, Armen R. Kemanian, Brett Watson, Gordon Putz & Ellie E. Prepas

Plant growth simulation for landscapescale hydrological modelling, 1030-1042

Joachim Post, Tobias Conradt, Felicitas Suckow, Valentina Krysanova, Frank Wechsung & Fred F. Hattermann

Integrated assessment of cropland soil carbon sensitivity to recent and future climate in the Elbe River basin, 1043-1058

Lutz Breuer, Kellie B. Vaché, Stefan Julich & HansGeorg Frede

Current concepts in nitrogen dynamics for mesoscale catchments (Full Text), 1059-1074

Veerle Gevaert, Ann van Griensven, Katrijn Holvoet, Piet Seuntjens & Peter A. Vanrolleghem

SWAT developments and recommendations for modelling agricultural pesticide mitigation measures in river basins, 1075-1089

A. van Griensven, T. Meixner, R. Srinivasan & S. Grunwald

Fit for purpose analysis of uncertainty using splitsampling evaluations (Full Text), 1090-1103

Forthcoming papers, 1104