COVID / Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications

  • All AgriLife employees are responsible for keeping informed of emergencies by monitoring news media reports, the AgriLife homepage and/or through direct notification via e-mail.
  • To rapidly communicate with employees in an emergency:
    • Phone Tree: Center Director will contact Supervisors who will contact their staff.
    • Phone: Recorded messages may issued if necessary; similar to inclement weather instructions
    • Email: Specific messages are issued to AgriLife-Temple via
  • Signs may be posted on front door of building, if closure required, similar to holidays.

Emergency Access to Information and Systems

  1. Operation of AgriLife-Temple computing services is dependent upon external power; our servers may have backup power of up to 30 minutes.
  2. Computer/data backups in place through current AgriLife-Temples IT department policies
  3. Some, but not all, Agri-Life employees have portable computing equipment and the ability to work remotely. Critical personnel without remote resources may be issued portable computing resources, as necessary during emergency situations on case by case basis.

For Blackland Employees Working Remotely

The Blackland Research and Extension Center is currently closed to the public.  Phones and mail will still operate during normal business hours. Only critical operations staff will remain on-site, all other staff will work from home. Please meet with your supervisor for details on how to adjust your position.

IT remote work resources (For AgriLife IT Agency supported employees)

The AgriLife IT service desk will continue operations and provide remote assistance for the majority of computer and software support needs. A skeleton team available to perform hands on computer repair as required. The group has also put together the following reference guide with details on how to access email, files and perform voice, video and chat collaboration with fellow employees and others:

For individuals that want to move computing systems to an alternate work location during this time, the department’s property manager would need to file all the proper paperwork that is required for taking a system offsite as well as update inventory records in FAMIS.

Email Access

Just a reminder that you are able to access your AgriLife email in a web browser by going to and logging in with your Agnet credentials. Once logged in you can access Outlook, etc.

username format: and your Agnet password.

VPN Access

If you do not currently have VPN access to local network resources and you feel you will need that, then you can make that request by following the instructions at this link.

Once the access is granted, you will receive an email letting you know it is ready. At that point you would be able to continue with the instructions to download and setup the client. This is only necessary to access local network shared resources or remote desktop connection to your office desktop. There will be information during the VPN setup about importing the certificate, but if that gives you trouble, you should be able to click “continue” on the certificate message when tying to connect.

Note that once you’ve made the VPN request, the client setup/connection will not work if you are at the center because you are already inside the firewall. You can do the actual client setup from home or would have to connect your laptop to a personal hotspot to be outside the firewall.