Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP)


CEAP is a multi-agency effort to quantify the environmental benefits of conservation practices and programs.  Advantages of conservation programs are widely recognized, but have never been measured at a national level.  Projects findings will be used to guide USDA conservation policy and program development and help conservationists, farmers and ranchers make more informed conservation decisions. The process includes  developing approaches, methodologies, and databases to produce scientifically credible estimates of the effects and benefits of conservation practices through a combination of research, data collection, model development, and model application over a range of scales.


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CEAP Vision

Enhanced natural resources and healthier ecosystems through improved conservation effectives and better management of agricultural landscapes.



To improve efficacy of conservation practices and programs by quantifying conservation effects and providing the science and education base needed to enrich conservation planning, implementation, management decisions, and policy.





CEAP Impacts


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