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Abeyou W. Worqlul

Worqlul, Abeyou W.
Abeyou W. Worqlul
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Undergraduate Education
B.S. Hydraulic Engineering, Arba Minch Water Technology Institute, Ethiopia
Graduate Education
M.S. Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Netherlands
Ph.D. Cornell University, USA

Hydrology and Remote Sensing

Dr. Abeyou W. Worqlul research interests includes watershed hydrology assessing the impacts of land use, climate change impacts and management practices on the river flow and sediment; runoff estimation from ungauged catchments using remotely sensed data; use of satellite observations and hydrological data to improve quantitative understanding of both surface and groundwater systems; suitability mapping by multi-criteria evaluation technique and flood modeling. Currently, Abeyou is working on Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Small Scale Irrigation (ILSSI) project, to develop an efficient small-scale irrigation system for water-scarce regions of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana in effort to improve the livelihood, health and wellbeing of people in those regions.