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Katrin Bieger

Bieger, Katrin
Katrin Bieger
Associate Research Scientist
Graduate Education
PhD., University of Kiel, Germany

Hydrologic Systems Modeling

Dr. Katrin Bieger’s main research interest is in the evaluation of land use and management impacts on water resources. Her Ph.D. research focused on the assessment of land use change impacts in the Three Gorges Region (China) on hydrology and sediment transport. In addition, her research experience includes the following: water quantity and quality monitoring, laboratory analysis of water samples, application of GIS in water resources management, and watershed modeling of hydrology and water quality. Currently, her research is focused on the development and testing of SWAT+ and its application to watersheds across the US. Also, she is working on the development of bankfull hydraulic geometry relationships for different regions of the conterminous United States.